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Following the agreement with the FCT, DecoaSports Academy offers, at the Centre Internacional de Tennis, different educational programmes for young athletes and public in general.

So that athletes can continue their studies and their sports obligations, DecoaSports Academy provides tutoring in the following areas of Study:

  • American High School (from 9th-12th Grade)
  • Secondary school E.S.O and Baxillerat in Catalan with the Institut Obert de Catalunya
  • Secondary school E.S.O and Bachillerato in Spanish with CIDEAD

Academy classes have a maximum of six to seven students in class, allowing for a more personalised tutoring method. In class the tutor explains the current lesson, resolves any doubts the student may have and reinforces the subject matter with supplementary exercises or material. Attendance and homework are also closely monitored by the tutor to ensure that the student is studying at the correct pace, and a report is sent to the student’s parents detailing performance, behaviour and class attendance.

A part from the previous programmes, we also offer:

  • Preparatory classes for SAT I, SAT II, TOEFL and GED

Classes are taught in small groups of usually three to five students. Although teachers explain basic exam structure, the classes are focused on specific test preparation which involves timed reading exercises, and/or writing and speaking exercises. Time is an important factor in these tests so our main goal is to cover techniques and skills to help the student improve their speed and performance.

  • Languages: mainly English and Spanish language classes but the academy can also offer other language classes on demand

Classes are taught in small groups (maximum six students). Our main objective is for learners to gradually acquire the capacity to understand and express themselves in the new language, both speaking and writing.

For young learners, especially during the summer campus, classes are more play-oriented and involve games, songs and visual activities.

For more information, please contact Noemi Reig, director of studies.

academia@decoasportsacademy.com, www.decoasportsacademy.com



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